How To Throw A Party

When I was in my twenties, I thought I knew how to throw a party. We had some great bashes in college, and even after I got out of college and settled down a little bit, I still would throw some fantastic parties.

There would be good drinks, good food, and often a theme as well. Learning how to throw a theme party was something that I was particularly proud of. We had music parties, dance jams, movie nights, costume theme parties, and dozens of others. However, I was unprepared for what I would find when I met a true party master.

You see, my friend Bill had practically majored in how to throw a party – literally. He was an event planner, trained at one of the finest hospitality schools in the nation. Not only did he have the classic training that allowed him to throw parties for high-class clientele, but he also had a lot of hands-on experience. His family had been in the hospitality business for decades, and they were known especially for the events they held.

I was actually introduced to him at a wedding he had planned. Wedding planning was what paid the bills for him – it was his bread-and-butter. It was definitely a great time, and everyone was really impressed with the way it came together. Nonetheless, if I thought he knew how to throw a party for my friend’s wedding, I was blown away by the parties he threw for himself.

Some people spend money on eating out. Other people spend their money and nice vacations, musical instruments, restoring cars, or some other hobby. My friend Bill spends his money mastering how to throw a party – and he has a lot of money to throw around. He had some of the most exclusive, famous, and sometimes infamous parties in town.

It was pretty cool because he could look at it as a professional event. On the one hand, he was cutting loose and partying like a rock star. On the other hand, he was refining techniques and coming up with ever more spectacular bashes.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was extremely lucky to get an invite. I’m glad that we bonded so quickly. Not only did I have a great time there, but I really started to learn how to throw a party. I’m not in his league yet, but I think I can finally hold my own.