Halloween Costume Wigs

A costume party is one of the most entertaining types of party that an adult can attend. It’s a time to let go of our true identities, and embrace a secret name and character. When we plan our costume, we think out every last little detail from the red tights to the outrageous hairstyle.

Sadly, our natural hair may not be long or thick enough to produce a four foot high beehive hair style. Maybe it is, but who in today’s busy world would spend the time trying to tame and manage their real hair into hair do? This is where costume wigs are most helpful.

Costume wigs take just minutes to apply and many will maintain their perfectly outrageous look all through the night. There are countless styles of wigs available, from simple five dollar colored wigs designed for the club, to the massive and complex powdered wigs like those worn by Marie Antoinette. Some wigs are lighted. Whatever you choose, make sure to coordinate your selection with your costume.

Before you jump in your car and to shop for costume wigs, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, exactly how complex (or simple or outrageous) of a “do” are you wanting – or willing to wear – in your choice of costume wigs?

If it is intended for a couple nights of club use, don’t invest a lot of money in complex costume wigs. Club wigs are simply styled and flimsy for a reason. With all the dancing and motion, elaborate costume wigs are sure to get frayed and disfigured along the way. Suitable club wigs, for example, are made of a plastic material, much like the hair of kid’s dolls.

You might have a different purpose in mind for your costume wigs. Super-hero costume wigs are quite common, and readily available at costume shops. These can look just like the hair of the heroes in comic books. They can have an ultra-shiny look, for that extra cheesy greased look.

Maybe your costume choice requires a little more elegance. An 18th century royalty costume probably calls for a large powdered wig. These can be quite heavy and unwieldy, so be sure your neck and back will be able to support the weight of these types of wigs. Before powdering the wig, you must first set it in place on your head. You will need to buy special wig powder, and enlist the help of a friend in powdering this style of wig.

Wigs can be delightful fun, but you know must know what you’re doing. Don’t wear $200 dollar costume wigs to a club. You’ll be sadly disappointed at its condition by evening’s end. Also, don’t wear cheap or tacky wigs with an elaborate costume, or else you’ll appear on the horribly embarrassing lists of “bad costume”. God forbid, after all that careful planning!