Aladdin Halloween Costume

The movie version of the Aladdin story first delighted movie-goers in 1992. That movie was both a cinematic and financial success, earning just over half a billion dollars. To this day, Aladdin stories are still fan favorites.

The latest movie featuring the story of the loveable street urchin follows the same basic storyline as the prior versions, and it’s sure to make the movie costumes a hit this Halloween.

Aladdin becomes the owner of the magic lamp, which houses a genie who’s played by Will Smith in the movie. Because Aladdin wants to marry the princess Jasmine, he has the genie turn him into a prince.

aladdin halloween costumeBut on the way to his happily ever after with Jasmine, he has to defeat the evil Jafar and prevent him from getting the magic lamp. If Jafar gets his hands on the lamp, he’ll use it to take over Agrabah.

There are several characters from the movie that you can dress up as this Halloween. You can find these costumes in both adult and child versions. The princess Jasmine costume is made in the style of a two piece harem outfit.

You can find this costume in different colors. One of which is a pale green. The pants are loose and billow out. These are gathered at the ankles. One of the tops is a mid-riff baring shirt but a different style has the mid-riff area covered with a sheer fabric.

These tops can be long sheer sleeve ones or end in short puff sleeves. The top of the pants are decorated with a gold faux belt. Some of these belts have large jewels but, some don’t.

You may find that select Jasmine costumes will come with the wig and headband included. Otherwise, you can purchase this accessory separately. Many of these costumes do not come with the slippers.

The live action version of one of Jasmine’s costumes is a rose colored gown with a blue underlay. The gown is adorned with gold ribbon and gold medallions. This costume may or may not come with the wig and jeweled tiara but this can be purchases as an accessory.

Aladdin’s costume consists of two styles. The prince costume is made of blue pants that are also loose and billowing. The top is made in tunic style but designed in such a way that it appears that there’s a robe over the shirt.

This shirt features a design that looks like a wide gold sash. The top of the tunic is made to look like it’s decorated with bejeweled necklace. Some of the prince Aladdin costumes also come with the turban included.

This turban may or may not be adorned with jewels. The boot covers are just like the shoes with the curled ends that Aladdin wore. However, some of the costumes don’t come with the boot covers.

You can also get the “street rat” version of Aladdin’s costume which is the billowing white pants, open string shirt and vest. For those who prefer to dress as the genie, variations of the genie costume are available as well as the ones for Jafar and Dalia.